Install Ubuntu 18.04 along Windows 10 on a Dell Alienware m15 with NVME disks


  1. Install Ubuntu 18.04
  2. on an Alienware m15,
  3. with two SSD NVME disks,
  4. and Windows 10 already installed (and the will to keep it)

Organization of this article

This article is made of different parts that were put together after various tries before success. I tried to verify the reproducibility of each step, but I may have missed some.

Parts are presented in a logical order, not a chronological order which would looks like disorder.

Step 0: allocate disk space from Windows

  • Resize partition(s) from Windows 10 before launching Ubuntu installer. Some users report having boot issues with Windows 8 and Windows 10 if not doing this way.

Step 1 : boot on a Ubuntu 18.04 live-USB key

Step 2: have Ubuntu installer see NVME disks

Step 3: workaround to log in